venus started off as a group of close-knit friends that thought queer fam could use a little more space. now we’re a growing community of queers in our 20s and 30s, living and working in new york city.


we’re here for hangouts, support, advice, and unconditional love.


our goal

we aim to curate, create, and host queer community hangs in whatever way, shape, or form we feel like. all of our events accept donations and proceeds go to local non-profits and organizations that are doing the work to elevate, protect, and support marginalized queer communities.



Months of events

over the past few months we’ve successfully shared happy hours, sunday hangs, and collaborations with other queer orgs in the city.



unique attendees

our community keeps growing. we hope to see you soon.



over $1500 raised

the center, the audre lorde project, hoop york city. we can’t wait to see what’s next.

noun_Disco Ball_1702622.png


queer community hangs in whatever way, shape, or form we feel like.

noun_concert tickets_1040890.png


sporting events, museum visits, field trips, and anything else you want to add to your IG story



gym class for wannabe jocks and has-been athletes. at least we’re honest.